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13th April 2015
-Old Sentiment-
01st January 2015
-Burning Cross-
15th December 2014
-Horizon Spark-
27th October 2014
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wheel 2 Life Stills
(Contains 6 photos)
Different objects join in an unexpected, yet harmonious way.
Down the road Panoramic
(Contains 5 photos)
A series of wide ratio photographs, nature at its best the way we are meant to see it.
Mass Presentation Modeling
(Contains 5 photos)
Advertisement sample.
drops FLORAL
(Contains 15 photos)
Shot of different types of flowers reminders of spring
Crusin' Beach
(Contains 11 photos)
Pictures of beach scenes which include beautiful sunsets as well as black & white photography.
hunted Place
(Contains 5 photos)
Scenery or places
Forest magic Seasonal
(Contains 2 photos)
Photographs of seasons of the year
stripped-II Fauna of life
(Contains 7 photos)
Animals,Insects, birds, and more
Star Leaf
(Contains 1 photo)
Different kinds of leafs and effects
Dormant Monochromed
(Contains 5 photos)
Black & white,sepian, blue, or other single tone photographs.
Winter forest Black and white
(Contains 3 photos)
More black and white landscapes.