-Burning Cross-

15th December 2014
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The theme of this image is one that concurs with current events. Or at least is meant to. I never really thought about creating political statements. Perhaps themes that reflect everyday life that people could relate to. But nothing more than that. As recently I met with Actor/Model Romeo Castellanos to collaborate in a photoshoot. He offered the idea of this simple yet compelling theme.

In all honesty I never got deep into the details of the recent tragedy of Michael Brown. When I first heard this. It just made me think of many other cases with similar accounts. Every so often the footage of undeniable events. As we talked about some of the details, my thoughts of this is a more general view. I see this as a series of events that continue to happen everywhere, all the time. Many cases that that go unnoticed. As I saw people protesting about it, I interpreted this more as a cry of “Enough!” and a demand for accountability. Understandably the diversity of this Great nation has related to this event.

The ongoing gain of knowledge and technology in my opinion, does not omit certain emotions or instincts in humanity. Honestly I don't see this changing any time soon. Not because we don't want it. But because it is embedded in our genes. Racism in various degrees is part who we are as physical beings. Natural selection and such.

With that said. We also have the ability to chose. To differentiate right from wrong. We like to think that equality should the norm today. For the most part humanity agrees. But it is cases like this that painfully reminds Us. We are still not there. If we think of the recent past, there has been a monumental leap. I have faith in humanity.

The image is a composite. Two views. Front and back photographed in a black background.
Minimum skin retouching. Fortunate to have good skin. Makes it easy for retouchers and photographers. The wall was mix of a rusty metal stain and a bit of black paint to enhance the shadows.

The front was meant to mimic a sort of reflection. Not a real reflection just something that would add a bit more character to the image. Originally the writing on the wall was going to be written on is chest. Decided to keep it on the side since the wall seem more fitting. Hard to choose the color of the writing since it's really dark. I have to credit the original concept to Romeo Castellanos.
Expect to see 2 more images with him in the near future.

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