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01st January 2015
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This image took quite a few days. Working on it in parts as the file kept increasing to more than 1.5 gigabytes. When it gets that extensive in size and detail, I'm always afraid that it will crash the computer and lose all the work. It has happened to me. I could commit a lot of the elements, but generally I like to keep them separated in case I want to change something without affecting the whole image.
Plus with the holidays and plans I could not dedicate hours at a time to it.

For this particular image it was essential that the overall ambiance be mostly in the dark, as the concept was to portrait some dark, old, cold place.
The concept of this image just like the previous one. “Burning cross” was pitched to me by Actor/model Romeo Castellanos. He had communicated something with chains along the lines of slavery. So before we actually met to discuss this concept and catch up on life, I sketched this.

When I think of slavery in the old days, I think of very detrimental conditions. Dark cold places with people physically broken down. I seen films like “Amistad” and “12 years a slave” The depictions of these situations is a very traumatizing to say the least.

Romeo also wanted to add the confederate flag to add to the significance and old sentiment in the American culture. At first I was not sure of it, just because it would make it a bit too crowded. Specially after the idea of the American flag came up. But I thought I would somehow make it work.

We agreed that the sketch was close to the concept he was thinking of. He also wanted breakage of the chains. To show the strength and determination of breaking free from old barriers and erroneous ideas... racism.
We also decided to go with implied nudity as this would further add to the slavery concept.

Nudity for those days says to me that people were forcefully stripped of their basic dignity.
Adding to the idea that they were less than a human being.
The American flag was placed on his lap, as the symbol that restores dignity and represents the renew idea that we can work towards equality as we move forward into the future.

Romeo was photographed in a white background and the rest is a composite. I decided to add cracks across the wall and a rusty look to represent the old sentiment.

I created the confederate flag digitally and blended it into the wall. Chains were also photographed separately and manipulated to show them breaking on the left side. Different blues and greens were painted to still show a bit of detail in the darker areas. In a way this was a challenge, one that I was really happy to complete. I'm glad I took time to keep coming back to it. I think that it made it better than when I take several hours at once to finish an image.

This is the final image.

Chains breaking in closer detail.

I look forward to completing 2 more concepts in the works.


Photo comment By Hollalina: Amazing! His facial expression was what caught my eye; it says quite a lot. Once again, amazing photo.
Photo comment By Sam: Really nice work!

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